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We are committed to enhancing your global lifestyle with a curated collection of sophisticated recommendations, tips, and personal connections with  international luxury brands and creative individuals to keep you informed and connected with key destinations’ unique offerings, first class venues and services, art and design by talented local artisans, and exceptional authentic experiences that you can access directly.

We understand that you are inundated with information and have limited time to sort through and discover what is available while you are living, working, and traveling internationally, so we have simplified the search for you only providing topics relevant to your international lifestyle. Monthly, we share personal stories with brand owners and creatives covering international luxury travel, dining, art and design to inform, inspire, and enhance your lifestyle. Consider us your cultural host, highlighting specialties to complement your international lifestyle.

With a background in the luxury hospitality industry, we provide 25 years of insider knowledge and understanding of the international luxury travel industry giving us the insight to highlight what is special rather than mainstream. This expertise paired with our personal experience as an American and European having lived and worked in the US, Europe, and Asia gives us a unique perspective to exploring the world, connecting and blending in with new cultures through authentic experiences and local interactions while celebrating our own heritage.

The Story Behind Our Name

Our name Tamarind Living was selected as it perfectly reflects the international lifestyle. Tamarind, best known as a local spice in Southeast Asia, comes from the Tamarind tree, which originated in Africa and migrated over time to Asia. Through this migration process, the tree preserved its original characteristics, yet adapted regionally, absorbing and rooting itself in the local culture, creating a unique form as a result of its new environment, and flourishing. Just like this amazing botanical, living internationally allows you to preserve your own heritage, while being immensely interested and engaged in discovering new cultures through various personal interactions including luxury travel, dining, art and design. Through this authentic cultural engagement and discovery, these experiences provide enrichment and meaning for your life to create your own unique identity. This is Tamarind Living.

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