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Whether you are a millennial, baby boomer, male or female in the New York or Hong Kong, we all need products and experiences to achieve our personal goals and celebrate life. Now, hintd.com, a new social shopping platform, helps you organize this information in a tidy list while inspiring you with a beautiful curation of ideas from tastemakers, brands and users. Currently, hintd.com has over 45,000 hints representing a variety of retailers and independent brands giving you incredible insight into what is trending in lifestyle from fashion, beauty, fitness, home and tech to dining and travel.

Use your Hintd lists as a reminder of your goals or share them with friends and family to hint what is important to you. Anything that helps you achieve the life you want can be added to your list from products and services to experiences. A barre class to help you get in shape, a digital media class to brush up on your social media skills, a dreamy vacation to recharge, support for your favorite charity or maybe just a priceless walk in the park to catch up with a friend; you can add it! You can store your list in your account with selected items directly linked to the brands’ websites until you are ready to make a purchase. The hintd.com platform is super fun, incredibly simple to use with many new features being added to help you discover more ways to activate the life you want.

Founder and CEO, Lucy Danziger established her media career with Conde Naste helping women voice what they want, and hintd.com continues this mission in a new digital platform. Read our exclusive interview Lucy Danziger to learn about her inspiration for hintd.com and how you can get started making your list on hintd.com today.


 Interview with Hintd.com Founder and CEO, Lucy Danziger

Ask the universe for what you want – you just might get it.”

Lucy Danziger, Founder and CEO of hintd.com helps women articulate their life goals with prioritized shoppable lists at hintd.com.










TL: What inspired you to start Hintd?

LD: I started Hintd to solve gifting anxiety, help women get what they really want and save money. When my niece was graduating from college, family and friends asked her what she wanted for graduation gifts. She felt uncomfortable asking for what she wanted, so she didn’t ask, and when graduation came, she didn’t get anything. A few months later, she created a spread-sheet with pictures and links to the website. Our family was so appreciative to finally know exactly what she wanted and not waste money buying the wrong gift! A light bulb went off when I saw this, and I thought: Everyone needs a list! to share what they want with loved ones.

TL: Launched initially as a gift registry platform, how do you define Hintd today?

LD: Now, Hintd is the bookmarking site for shopping. It’s also a social shopping experience when you choose to share your individual hints or your list of hints with friends and family. We love to celebrate all of life’s events, big and small, formal or self-created, and hintd.com helps you do this by creating lists that are meaningful to you. Users even turn lists into calendars for special cultural events, and tickets they want to buy.

 TL: How do you use Hintd?

LD: First, you save what you want to your list, and shop for it when you’re ready. Our users asked for multiple lists, so now you can have up to four lists and organize them by category titles that the user defines. This gives you the context for the list – the “purpose to the purchase”, the “why to the buy”, because you realize why you want something. These categories hinge on occasions, events or transitions; including, trips, new apartments, new jobs, or new goals, such as running a marathon or a home renovations.

Individual pins are directly linked to the retailer with a url, so you can easily access the item once you are ready to make a purchase. Pins on your lists might be a bathing suit for an upcoming trip, a bag to feel professional and chic at work, but they can include anything you want to buy that will help you live the life you want; including, trips, tickets to shows, or a new puppy. Each list is limited to 22 items because we believe that editing will make you think about whether you really want something. Additionally, now users have an option to choose whether their list is classified as a social sharable gift list or a private list to keep track of what they are looking forward to buying next.

TL: What is the significance of the number “22” items per list?

LD: I get asked this all the time! For my father’s birthday, he took all the kids and grandkids on an African safari. For two weeks, we would be traveling on little planes, and we had no choice but to travel light with a limit of 22 pounds of luggage. This was a fantasy trip of a lifetime, and I thought, how can I limit it to that, including cameras and everything? As I was packing, I was sure that I’d never be able to survive for two weeks with only 22 pounds of stuff, but guess what? I chose only the most important things to put in that bag. It was so liberating. While out in the wild, you realize you don’t need much, just your favourite things. That trip changed my perspective on what I truly need to be happy. Not much. Less really can be more.

That’s the reason for the limit of 22 items. To make choices and define what matters to you now. To have limits is a great way of realizing what matters to you.

We separate ourselves from Pinterest, where you pin as many things as you want, but then they languish and your whole board gets out of date. If you have to take something off to add something new, it requires you to think about what you want now. At hintd.com, we want you to list only the things you truly want. Limiting the lists to 22 items is a way to make you more thoughtful and shop better. Also, we realized that there is no right or wrong way to divide up your 22 items. They can be all charities, all books, all beauty, all tickets to music, whatever you want.

TL: What are some popular items that users are adding to their lists?

LD: You can put truly anything on your list. I’m not kidding. Right now, I’m looking at the site, and I can tell you users have trips to Cuba, elephant rides in India, handbags, cute bathing suits, French chocolate, even puppies! I love the personality that comes through when someone hints a pet luxury like a cat bed, or a personal desire, like beautiful sheets. It’s really telling about what you love and want and will buy next. And, this is also important predictive data for retailers.

TL: Who is a typical user of Hintd? How are you attracting men to use Hintd?

LD: Currently, we are very popular with women between the ages of 18-34. The second largest group are men in the same age group bracket. Women from 34-45 are the next group,as well as women over 50 who are buying for their millennial children while using the site as a shopping tool for themselves.

We are adding personalization to the platform, so men can choose to see “gear” and “tech” if they prefer to skip fashion and beauty. Additionally, as a new feature, users can follow friends and see what’s trending in their social circles and everyone loves that.

TL: Is Hintd positioned as a competitor or a collaborator with other social media platforms?

LD: We are both, a collaborator with other social platforms and an alternative since other channels are not designed specifically for shopping. We love Pinterest and use it, but it’s built for scrap booking, rather than shopping. Only 6% of the content currently found on Pinterest is shoppable or directly linked to a shopping source. Because Pins don’t automatically connect you with the retailer, shoppers get frustrated when they discover an item that they want to purchase and get lost in someone’s blog or a dead end.

Instagram is a great place to get ideas and see what’s trending, but our users say they don’t shop via Instagram. As for Facebook, we encourage hinters to post their lists on Facebook, particularly retailers to help drive traffic to their lists. We see Facebook as a great communication channel to spread the word about hinting.

The biggest difference between us and other social media platforms is that we are designed specifically for shopping. The Hintd platform is perfect for the aspirational shopper because they can find what they want, hint it to their list, and then return later when they are in a transactional mode and purchase it. Or, share it with family or friends and receive it as a gift from a loved one. Most importantly, everything on Hintd is linked to the source to help you save and keep track of what you want to buy next, even if it’s a trip or experience.

There is an amazing statistic that 79% of people wait over 24 hours before buying something they like because they want to think about it first. When you’re scrolling through your social feed, you’re in a “lean back” mode, since you’re passively consuming content. When you’re shopping, you’re in a “lean-forward” mode of actual transacting. Hintd allows you to interact in each of these shopping phases, from discovery, to bookmarking, while you wait and think about it, but not lose track, then purchase when you are ready. And, it works. Once you put it on your list, you want to buy it. One in 20 clicks on Hintd leads to a purchase.

TL: Throughout your 18-year career with Condé Nast, including nearly 13 years as Editor-in-Chief of Self Magazine, you devoted your career to helping women get what they want and reduce daily life stresses. How is Hintd continuing to execute this mission?

 LD: I love to help women get what they want; including, the mental, physical and emotional life they want to lead. Hintd is a natural outgrowth of that. When you make your list, you envision the life you are about to create, the things and experiences you want to bring into your universe, to create that new reality. It’s an optimistic view of your life: take that trip, buy that bathing suit, wear that chic outfit, be the woman you want to be. And give back.

On Hintd, we make sure to add the option of putting charitable donations on your list, and empower women to change their world, as well as lead and live in it on their own terms. Ask the universe for what you want – you just might get it.

Even now, though I don’t run a huge magazine, I do love to be a mentor for younger women shaping their lives and their careers. Hintd is a natural extension of helping women articulate what they want in a way that allows them to define what they love and need to create the life they want. It’s interesting that articulating your desires is a way of going out and getting that life. And once you make a Hintd list, you can use it as an organizing principal in your life.

What you identify as a desire, and what you give to yourself, says a lot about how you feel about yourself, your value system, and what your priorities are.

I always have fitness gear on my list, along with a little luxury or a future trip, I want to treat myself to a healthy active expansive life. As women, we tend to put other people’s needs first, and Hintd is the way to focus on you, shop for yourself – and treat yourself -with the care and consideration you would for your friends or kids.

TL: How can users incorporate causes they support and priceless time with loved ones?

 LD: We have a charity category, and we encourage users to put charities on their list that they want to support. When I was at Condé Nast, I used to always get orchids as gifts. The problem was that I always ended up killing them, so my office had these sticks in pots, and I felt terrible about it. I wished that instead of an orchid, the person, who was thoughtful enough to send me a gift, could have donated the money instead to one of the charities I support. So, charities are a huge part of the site. Then, we added “priceless” because we realize you can give a gift of time: breakfast in bed is the cliché but there is also: come walk with me, come help me pick out my wedding dress, or let me come with you to a scary doctor’s appointment. These gifts are invaluable, but real.

TL: Meaningful gifting is so important. What is a great success story of a user on how their gift exchanges as a receiver and giver have improved since they started using hintd.com?

 LD: We have so many, but my favourite example is a family that describe the holidays as “Before Hintd” and “After Hintd”. Before Hintd, the family members exchanged gifts that missed the mark, made them feel bad, and wasted money. Secretly, each of them wished for a gift card, so they could buy themselves what they actually wanted. So, last Christmas, they all made lists on hintd.com, and the mother, who usually does the bulk of the buying, with plenty of anxiety about getting it right, knew that she was giving her family what they wanted. This year, they all received the gifts they truly wanted, including the mother, and each person in the family described that holiday as their best Christmas ever because receiving a gift that was meaningful to them made them feel understood.

So, for this family, using hintd.com was important for the giver and the receiver. Time and money was saved by the givers, and the receivers all felt understood, which is the most important gift you can give someone that you love.

TL: How is Hintd partnering with retail brands?

LD: We are partnering with emerging and interesting brands to feature new arrivals and to encourage brands to let users discover their designer’s insider take into what the brand itself is finding inspirational. So, we have featured female founders and designers, who are all creative about their work, and the way they want women to shop from their new lines. We also give the inside scoop on sale lists, which everyone loves.

We love to feature lists with female founders, such as Bobbi Brown, Tory Burch, India Hicks, Jennifer Bandier, Ann Mashburn, Michelle Smith of MILLY, Rebecca Minkoff, Norma Kamali, Nell Diamond of “Hill House Home”. These founder lists give users a glimpse into what is inspiring the founder, what products they want beyond their own lines, and their lists are much like going on a shopping date with them, or sneaking into their medicine closet. It’s a fun reveal that creates a new kind of peer-to-peer marketing.

TL: Is Hintd for the USA market only? How can international users participate?

 LD: We are definitely for everyone, everywhere on the planet. Hintd can be a huge resource to international users by being a curated style source of what’s happening in the US, as well as simply being their personal shopping portal. Because you can hint anything, there are no borders to hinting. It’s a global site. We welcome international users from everywhere!

TL: As the Founder, what are you enjoying most about this moment in Hintd’s journey? How would you like to see Hintd develop over time?

LD: We are in an amazing new phase where we see the site as shopping with your friends, only online. We love the evolution of online social shopping since the true influencers in your life are your friends. So, we are constantly looking for ways to make it easier to shop together with friends; such as, an added feature to find friends and follow friends. Now, this allows users to share their lists with friends and see what their friends are hinting in real time. Additionally, we are developing group gifting where users can share lists and create a group list. This will allow a group of friends to book a trip, concert tickets, or plan a party together through the site.

We are also partnering with brick and mortar stores to help make shopping more fun in real life, where you can hint from in store.  Maybe even one day you will be able to use Hintd as a tool that lets you reserve the things you want to try on in store.

Shopping is better when you do it together, and now on Hintd you can. Everyone should start their Hintd list today.

Photography provided by hintd.com

hintd.com – The social shoppable online platform that helps you curate and prioritize meaningful products, services, and experiences to achieve your life goals.

See our Tamarind Living hintd.com list here to see what we are currently hinting for our next trip to Bali. 


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