Discover an international mix of emerging and established talent at Singapore’s newest upscale music club. 

As their sixth international location, the Montreux Jazz Café selected Singapore as their newest location and first in Asia. Paying homage to musical legends and an ambassador of the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Café combines the late festival founder, Claude Nobs’ two passions, live music and gastronomy. Nobs was known for his signature dishes prepared for artists throughout the festival, and menu items, such as Ella’s Cheesecake, named after Ella Fitzgerald, and the Quincy Jones Chicken celebrate these musical legends. The design of the club incorporates original festival memorabilia, including 50 years of live recorded festival performances and elegantly positioned black and white festival photography of world famous musical talent. Table top and bar seating positioned in view of the stage provides you with a comfortable experience to enjoy live performances while enjoying the extensive contemporary menu and cocktails. As a gateway to Asia, the Singapore venue aims to be a platform for emerging and established artists with weekly live performances. While Jazz has consistently been a component of their musical offering, the Festival expanded its range of talent since its inception in 1967 to include rhythm and blues, rock, pop and hip hop. Mirroring the Festival, the Café features musical talent both local and international, offering you a broad range of music to enjoy. British, neo-soul performer Omar Lye Fook, a regular performer at the Montreux Jazz Festival kicked off the Café’s opening in October 2016 introducing his unique sound to Singapore. Omar is a great example of the calibre of talent that you can expect to experience at the Singapore Montreux Jazz Café. To learn more about Omar and his unique neo-soul sound, please read our exclusive interview with Omar Lye Fook and hear his latest release, “I Want to Be”.

TL: I understand that you started performing at eight years old and continued with a classical music education learning to play a number of instruments. Additionally, you grew up surrounded by musical talent, including your father who was a drummer and studio musician for Bob Marley and The Rolling Stones. With so many influences from classical music to reggae to rock and roll, what most impacted your unique neo-soul sound? 

OLF: I think that all music has impacted me to some extent. Playing percussion in the Youth Orchestra influenced my string arrangements, Reggae music influenced my bass playing and singing, and Funk music impacted my drumming. These various musical influences enabled me to make my sound unique.

TL: Throughout your career, you have collaborated with several musical legends, including Stevie Wonder, Angie Stone, and Erykah Badu. What have you learned from working with these artists?

OLF: Everyone has their unique way of working. Most importantly, I learned to go into the collaborative environment without having any expectations before starting to work with them.

TL: Who would you like to work with next and why?

OLF: I would love to work with Bill Withers, because I love his style of song writing, especially his lyrics.

TL: What one word would you use to describe performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival?

OLF: Exhilarating!

TL: Can you describe your most memorable experience so far performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival?

OLF: The first time I played at Montreux Jazz Festival it was between 4:00am and 5:00am. You would never know this by looking out over the crowds, but they were just full of energy and ready to be entertained. It was fantastic!

TL: What impact does the new Montreux Jazz Café in Singapore have for both new and established artists like yourself?

OLF: Being able to perform for the Montreux Jazz Club Café’s opening was a great honour. It’s a perfect setting for new and established artists to expose their music to an international audience in an intimate setting.

TL: Your new single, “I Want To Be”, released on July 8, 2016, precedes your new album “Love in Beats” with a TBA release date? Can you tell us a little bit about your inspiration for this new album? 

OLF: The album is a joint project between myself and my brother, The Scratch Professor. It is the next instalment of my evolution in music. My rare groove is mixed with my brothers’ hard core beats.



TL: What is your favourite part of creating music?

OLF: I still get really excited when I’m making new music and I have a fire in my belly throughout the process. After the music is out, getting to play concerts and watching the audience sing my songs, that is amazing.

TL: With the Montreux Jazz Café Singapore’s goal of becoming a launch pad for upcoming Asian talent, what advice do you have for new musicians launching their musical careers? 

OLF: I would say, take full advantage of social media to make people aware of you. Try to find something unique, so people will remember you, either because of your music, your performance, or something special about you.

TL: Where can we see you perform in 2017?

OLF: In 2017, you should be able to see me back in Asia, North and South America and Europe. My website includes an updated schedule at Additionally, you can follow us on social media Facebook or Twitter

Photography provided by Montreux Jazz Café.

Montreux Jazz Café Singapore

Location: Pan Pacific Orchard, 10 Claymore Rd., Singapore 229540

Menu: Contemporary International

Lunch: Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm, Dinner: Daily 6pm-11pm, Bar: Sun-Thu 12pm-12am, Fr-Sat 12pm-1am. Private Space and Venue Buy-Outs Available on Request.

Additional Locations: Abu Dhabi, Geneva, EPFL Lausanne, Montreux, London, Paris and Zurich


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